100+ likes achieved!



Ok, this a very big moment for me! I actually achieved 100+ likes on a project! For the first time! Isn't that amazing?! I was so grateful to everyone! I was sooooooooooo happy! And plus, I was at the the top of trending! It was the project where I said some of the new peeps might be fake. Also, SmileyAlyssa, Kiwicute2016 and BananaDog liked it! It was a very big moment for me! Thanks everyone! You have really made me happy!




Congrats! :0

Keep making good projects and you'll get even more ^w^



That is a big milestone!

I think I achieved over 100 likes twice or thrice…Anyway, next time, you could post it here. :wink:

This crépe is yummy…


Ok, thanks for telling me!


OMG you are so lucky!!!!!

Well done!!!!!!!!!!!