100 Layers Of Ok for Like Challenge(Forum Related)



Press the letter "L" on the keyboard(only computer) then do that 99 more times.
When it says a limit of time or something.


How is this related to Hopscotch?


Quinn, what is that challenge for? We need some laughs around here, guys! Listen to Phase


What does this have to do with Hopscotch?


This is related to the forum. Gesh. Forum related things are allowed.


How do you know my name..........


Sorry, I couldn't tell.


You've said your name on the forum before
We're a collaboration account but I'm the one who's usually on


That makes more sense now.


I did the challenge. Your response is limited to 3200 or 32000 (I forget which one) characters.


You wnat people to take L's phasey