100+ Color Drawing Pad Collab sorry full!



Does anyone want to help me to make the BIGGEST drawing pad ever? I would love to have it have over 100 colors and some other features, too. What do you guys think?

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Spots Open

Leader= Glitter Kitty
Co-Leader= RobotPro
Co-Leader= PopTart0219

Beta Testers

• BasketballNerd
• Rawrbear
• JonnyGamer


• Robot Pro
• Phase Studios
• Dancing Lollipop
• Rawrbear
• Ihasfluffycupcakes
• Valgo
• OrangeScent
• Hermoine

HSB Color Finders

• Phase Studios
• Crazy Goat
• Friendship Studios
• DreamyLemon
• Pokemon101
• AwesomeWolf18
• LotsaPizza


Can I be a beta tester?? This sounds super cool!!! :wink:




I have done all of the requirements! I am also working on my own drawing pad right now so I'll know how this works :smiley: I would defiantly like to help :smiley:


<> between them don't use numbers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Which position would you like? Coders, beta tester, or leader?


Can I be a Coder and a leader?


I think my draw pad has 100 colors :scream:




Nope it has 72 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: 202002


Thanks! :smiley_cat:


Tell me when you guys see this so I can tell you the password.


Just so you know, it will be hard to fit 100 colors on, and it will lag


I would love to help, I've made so many drawing pads (I'm a master) a


Can I help out on this? I can be a coder and a HSB Color Finder.


Well it doesn't have to actually be 100 colors, but as many as we can. @PopTart0219 @Phase_Studios absolutely you can join! Poptart, what position would you like? ( we have one more Co-Leader spot open, beta testing, coding, and color finders)


I can co lead and organize the pad


You should update it with my name now.


I did. I just didn't do @Phase_Studios


Tell me when you see this so I can give u account info.