10 tips for running a successful competition

it seems like a lot of competitions don’t last well, so I made this—hopefully it helps you run your competition successfully:)

Tip #1:

looks are everything. format your competition op and make it stand out as well as checking for grammatical errors. for example, which comp would you join and follow through on:

hi, I’m nobody and this is a comp where you code something relating to space, it can be anything—a pixel art, trail art, game, et.c
ask me if you want to judged
1nd: follow from me and a request form me
2nd: 10 likes from me and a follow
3rd: 5 likes and a follow from me
the due date is March 3rd
hav fun!

Comp 2:


welcome to the Space Superstars competition! here, you make a project in hopscotch that relates to space—it could be the classic asteroids game, or just a solar system trail art.


currently, our judges are

if you would like to judge, simply ask me:)
there are 3 remaining judge spots


tell me if you want to give out a prize!

1st place:

A follow and a request from Nobody

2nd place:

10 likes and a follow from Nobody

3rd place:

5 likes and a follow from Nobody

  • I’d rather join comp 1
  • I’d rather join comp 2

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if you don’t know how to format, this topic has some super helpful links:

Tip 2:

plan, plan, and plan some more! write out a draft in notes or pages and plan every aspect of the comp before starting it. you need a skeleton before you can add the organs;)

Tip 3:

reminders—remind people about the comp so they don’t forget it. if the due date is a while from when the comp was created, I suggest tagging them weekly so they don’t forget. don’t be forceful though, just some gentle reminders should do:)

Tip 4:

watch out for other comps—too many comps at the same time = bad. people will often join a few comps then may only finish 1 or 2 out of the 4 they entered. also, leader hosted comps are popular, so I strongly suggest not to make a competition while one is going on.

Tip 5:

go out and ask users if they’d like to judge or set a small judge limit—I often see there being a ton of judges instead of participants which isn’t normally good. the judge spots are usually taken first so if a limit isn’t set there will be 6 judges compared to 2 participants.

Tip 6:

make sure there aren’t too many limits. coding is all about creativity, so why set a ton of boundaries? try choosing a broad topic for your competition focus. if it’s about something like a current event, it’s OK to not follow this, just try not to be too restrictive. for example, I’d rather join a competition where you make something related to fish instead of joining one where you code a koi fish in a pond in Japan with a dragon eating cheese puffs in the background.

Tip 7:

“sound” excited! if you’re gonna make a comp, act like it’s this great thing that you can’t miss out on! don’t sound boring like +2 jk —else no one will want to join.

Tip 8:

setting a long deadline isn’t usually good for optimal results. users may forget about it or procrastinate. lightning challenges aren’t exactly great either because I for one can’t make a satisfactory project in a day. usually 2 or 3 weeks is a good time, more for collabs.

Tip 9:

collaborating can be good…sometimes. sometimes the members of the collab may get into fights, or the legendary coders may team up which makes it unfair. also it takes longer for people to collab as they aren’t on 24/7 and can not communicate 24/7 either. I don’t like making competitions with collabs, and I usually don’t like joining them either. if you still want to have teams, making a comp where you have people on a team coding individual projects may be a good idea.

Tip 10:

be dedicated to your comp! if a contestant asks “where’s the judging post”, don’t tell them “post 127”, give them a link. it gives a good impression that you want to run this comp and keep it going

that’s all, have a nice day and I hope this helped


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it’s the start of example competition 1


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1 tip for creating a tip topic about making competitions

Make sure it’s clear your example competition posts are examples.