10 Suggestions for HS!

A very helpful tool indeed


no I don’t, but it’s not self advertisement

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eeEeEeEeeEeEeE Can we just forget I said that and move on plz

So like 8-bit style music. That’s what it’s called.

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If they really add more instrument options in Hopscotch, they might even separate the music stuff into its own block.

Would be cool if that block read this: Start Note ( ) With Instrument ( ) At Volume ( ).

Nice idea!

Sure, I can stop

But I like that you support the addition of something like that into Hopscotch natively – it’s cool to see the idea come up.

It would be very cool if Hopscotch had some basic settings that synthesizers do, such as waveform settings, delay, and an LFO. (those might sound confusing, but allow you to customize the sound of how your notes play)


Delay or sustained notes would be amazing. It would make the codes music sound a lot more realistic.


That would be awesome!

I’d love to be able to tune my notes.
Probably the one reason I don’t code music on hs is that the notes are pretty limited.

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What? As a character?

in my opinion that makes it more challenging (which is fun) but can also be annoying when trying to do a song where the singer goes 3 octaves up

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No 8 - bit music lol

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woah my ancient thread was tagged here when I still created music in hopscotch


@LittleNoobyBoi should the leaders Clive this?



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