10 Step Model, done in my Style! (Tutorial)


Okay. This is a tutorial to make a detailed model in my style! This is also a challenge to myself as I will have to try to make it so there's a 10 step limit, it is easy to follow, and it gets a decent (not necessarily the best) model when followed exactly. Here we go!

This will result in my type of model, but your adjustments will make it unique. Some versions of this style are...

You probably recognize all but one of these. The first one is not published in Hopscotch, you're the only ones to see her. Whatever.

Model Tutorial

  1. Make the head. Get a circle from the character menu and place it where the head position of your model will be and give it these rules.

    The set colour block should be changed to desired colours: the clone is the skin tone and the character is the hair colour.

  2. Start the eyes. The way I've been doing the eyes has changed over time, but this version is the best. Here's how to do it. Get a text object and type, "••" then give it this code.

Make sure the clone sets text to "• •" and not "••"
Now, you have the basic eyes, step three is optional, depending on the model.

3. This step is optional, but this is what makes my models really unique, the eye outline. Get a text object and type, "(," or "(I" I prefer the first one, but both work well. Then, place it over the position of the left (your left, not the model's) eye. Give it this code.

4. The other eye's outline. This is similar to the last step. Get a text object and type the same thing as the last one, place it over the right eye position and give it this code.

5. Now complete the rest of the face. Use a text object for the mouth and type, "–" shrink it by 50% and set it to the desired colour, invisibility is optional. Place it between the eyes and chin. Now for eyebrows, type the following.
Then, place it where the face and eyes are and give it this code.

6. leave the face for now and start on the body. Use a "bead" shape from the character menu and place it 50 below the head, give it this code.

The colour is your choice.
Now, for the torso, get a text object and call it, "☗" then, place it where the shoulders are and give it this code.

Finally, get a square from the character menu and place it 50 below the ☗. It requires this code.

7. Now, you'd continue down. In, for example, NoName's case, you'd do the skirt now. This step is pretty easy, you can figure it out. It varies depending on your model.

8. Now do the limbs. Get four text objects and make them, "|" place them where needed. Grow them by 175-250, whatever suits your model best. And set angles to something that looks right. Here's an example, one of the arms.

9.Now, make the hands and feet, it's pretty simple, but not that easy. You need the perfect position and angles. For the hands use text objects "•" with this code.

And use triangle characters for the feet, here's a code example.

Take time on this step, it has to be exact in order to look right.

10. Last step! Let's celebrate! No. Now, finish up with the hair and details. I won't tell you how exactly for this, it's free choice, but here are some tips.
-use shapes and text for short parts of the hair
-use clones or trail for longer parts of the hair
-try shading the hair with a changing value in the HSB brightness.
-use unicode symblos for designing clothes and accessories.
-experiment and don't be afraid to mess up.

Alright! A model like mine in just ten steps! Good job for completing it!

Now for the extra help. This has a pic of all the steps when played.



This took a long time and I may have made mistakes. If there are any, please inform me.
Btw, this is global edit because half the pics are glitched, and it looks fine in the editor (sometimes). I trust you not to change anything. (Except mistakes XD) Also, since that gets in the way, try looking at the code in this: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y3emo7u0q

Hope this helped! Post links or pics of your models after doing this below, I'd love to see them!


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