10 Facts About Me :D


Woot woot everyone's doing it so XD

  1. I love The Beatles (is that weird?)

  2. I LOVE STAR WARS (Han Solo is the best)

  3. I've been on Hopscotch for 2 years :D

  4. I love hedgehogs!

  5. I'm 11 years old

  6. I'm Australian

  7. I love art but I'm totally terrible at it XD

  8. I have no idea how my friends put up with me XD

  9. I have too many OCs aaaagh

  10. I love Harry Potter!




Naw because... I LOVE THEM TOO



i'm not the only one-


Beatles reference anybody?? XD


"I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND" I ask to a rock.



beatles reference war!!

I should have known better than to decide to start a Beatles reference war when I have to go in a few minutes-


Last time I checked, rocks don't have hands XD


That's the whole point.

Which is that my social skills are for the birds XD.


don't worry my social skills are terrible

okay I GTG eat

and think of beatles references to use



  1. I love chocolate


  3. I've been on Hopsotch for 1 and 1/4 years.

  4. I love cute doges!

  5. I'm 11 years old, turning 12 in March.

  6. I'm Asian.

  7. I love art and is OK at it. :3

  8. I have no idea how I learned how to draw

  9. I have such a big brain hole aaaaagh

  10. I love old movies!



I also love old British comedy shows...

Is that weird??


Not weird at all. :333

And I've been reading Gone With The Wind.

Is it weird that a kid is reading a 900 pages book?


Is this a topic that you share facts or just you sharing facts?!


Also happy 299th day on the forum!! :blush::grinning:


No. I'm reading a book by Charles Dickens that's like that. (It's kind of boring lol)

I prefer more exciting things though.

Going to copy y'all :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Lived in NYC my whole life, and I'm really good and navigating. I really like the subway. (I was also in trump tower yesterday)

  2. I like these Japanese noodles from a place nearby that are AMAZING.

  3. I'm a Christian.

  4. My passion is in music, and I sing, do ballet and hip hop, and play guitar and piano.

  5. I play a lot of sports too, and I'm a talkative person.

  6. I love little kids and playing with them, especially underprivileged ones.

  7. Once when I was little My shoe fell off in between the subway platform and the train....I got my first pair of flip flops at grand central! :stuck_out_tongue:

  8. I like pop music, not into anime.

  9. I like to read a lot and watch Netflix.

  10. Favorite Restaurants/snack places: Two a Little Red Hens (popular NYC cupcake store) Shake Shack, Levain bakery (popular NYC bakery) and an awesome Japanese food place.

What can I say, New Yorkers are foodies. :joy:


The Beatles are pwetty coo
Wait, did I just talk like that?


10 more facts about me

1.I have Epicanthus. Which is when the crease of your eyelid hoods over the inner eye corner.
2.I wear lots of sunscreen
3.I don’t have Hopsotch anymore
4.I watch anime
5.I talk to forumers on Instagram
6.I have long lashes, very flat tho
7.I usually keep my hair braided
8.Chocolate is my bae
9.So are candies
10.Im lazy af