10 Days of Art Challenge

Hey guys, remember when Shivelight did the 30 Days challenge? Well, I was kind of thinking about that and I have a NEW challenge. Anyone can do this. I don't really mind if no one does this, but I am going to do it. Presenting: The 10 Days Challenge!

Day One: Draw a friend, but show their personality. Like if they liked candy, you could draw a candy symbol.
Day 2: Draw your favorite food with eyes
Day 3: Draw yourself with your favorite animal
Day 4: Draw your favorite place on earth.
Day 5: Draw something completely out of your own drawing style
Day 6: Draw what you think your favorite hopscotcher looks like
Day 7: Draw your dream dessert
Day 8: Getting closer! Draw a scene from your favorite holiday i.e. Christmas=Candy Can
Day 9: Draw an eye
Day 10: Celebrate! Draw a dream cake.

Anyway, that's it. If you choose to participate, can you please title each drawing #10daysday(day number)


Awesome idea! I'm so doing this!
I recommend using the OMTL to get more people.

What's the OMTL? Sorry


It's Official Mass Tag List :wink:
Search it and you'll see the topic with it! :slight_smile:

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Ok! Here’s my friend!

Day 1


I may not do all of the days