10 day trail art challenge!



I am on a two week holiday, so I thought I might start this!
Credit to all the peeps that made ?? Day challenges.

10 day trail art challenge!

Day 1: Your favourite animal!

Day 2: Your favourite food!

Day 3: A traditional meal from a culture of your choice!

Day 4: A man-made tool! (Welder, grinder, electric drill, etc.)

Day 5: A character from a cartoon or animation, but nothing from movies with actual actors, it has to be from animations. (such as my catface trail art!)

Day 6: A trail art dedicated to one of your HS senpais!

Day 7: A 3d shading trail art! (Lightsabers, ice creams, etc.)

Day 8: An everyday object!

Day 9: A video game character! It can be mario, steve from minecraft, even bear from HS if you want!

Day 10: Your choice!


I'm going to start making a goat for Day 1!


I finished day 1!



k, I will start tomorrow


may try. but gotta work on farmer game.


@Maltese might wanna do this!


This is so cool! c:

I don't know if I have enough time to code every day for 10 days, though. :0


Yeah, me too!

@GoatLord, I love this idea!


You don't have to actually do it every day!
You can just do it every two or three or even five days if you want!


Really? :D

I might do this, then! c:


On day 10 I am going to do a trail art about the agony of losing likes...
Oh, the pain!



Oh! I know what I could do on the 10th day!

Maybe I'll do @SimplySouthernGurl's challenge trail art! XD


I have a challenge


For day 3 I think I will do vegemite on toast!


Or every hour is allowed
But you can probs only achieve that if you have super speedy trail art skills lol



Wrong person I'm so so sorry ;-;-;

My memory skills are very weak ;-;


Oh, and please post your complete challenges here!
I'm interested to see them!


Chicken day 1


Day2 coooooooookie!p