10 day coding challenge!



Welcome to the ten day coding challenge! You don't have to do all the days, or do them in order! Do them how you want!

Day 1: Code a food

Code your fav. Food, out of shapes, trail art, or anything else!

Day 2: Code a person

It could be you, or anyone! Don't make it too personal,we don't want to share any personal info.

Day 3: Code something from a video, but add a twist!

Use a video to code a game, but add your own twist!

Day 4: Free day

Code whatever you want!

Day 5: Make a animation

Make one!

Day 6: Code something funny!


Day 7: Code a animal

Your pet? Your fav. Animal? Anything!

Day 8: Code a logo!

Of anything!

Day 9: Make a original game!


Day 10: Make something that has to do with art!

Code it, draw it, anything!

These ideas are kind of open, so make them your own! If you are interested in doing this, tell me! Post your finished coded days here! If you finish all days, you will get a prize!



people doing this: (edit yourself in)

@Kawaii_Lover (on YSA Creations)

How to get over coders block!

I'm doin it.


Great! Show me all the days after you do them!


This is a really cool idea. I will try dis out. You deserve a potato.



Credit to @LotsaPizza for starting the thirty day draw challenge.



Great idea, I am going to do this!


Edit yourself onto the lost if you are doing other!



Turn on world edit


I did!


Oh, I know why I cant, I'm not a regular!


I will put you in! Don't worry!


Getting started to make trail art pizza...


I'm totally doing this!
It sounds really fun!


Please edit yourself in if you are doing this