1 Year on Hopscotch


Wow... Already! One year just flew by. I was coding little flappy birds and geometry dash's and now... I'm coding Pixelised graphics. I have a little speech I would like to say, to everyone.

Thank you, @Liza, @rodrigo, @awesomeonion and to all of the other retired Hopscotch Team. I appreciate the guide and support throughout my 1 year experience here. Thank you for 15 features, and the motivation to continue and persevere.

Thank you to many many Hopscotchers who guided my way within my first 3-4 months, and thanks to everyone else who has been helping me, supporting me, and cheering me.

So, when I had set up my account, I immediately started coding a few games, such as
Geometry Dash
Flappy star (my first project)
Spiral draw
And some other game, called "Alien Saber"

My first projects I played were
Stick ninja
Doodle jump
Colouring book
Minecraft sneak up

These projects all inspired me - so so much. And I went, "Woah!"
Through my first moments, I immediately worked out that this isn't a simple kids block coding app, it can be used in many complex ways. One month after I joined, I started coding two games: Blob.io and Volcanic Ninja. I published blob.io, and... No one saw it. So, I started exploring my way through the app and found the "trending" channel. I worked out what it was, and set a goal: Volcanic Ninja to make trending. It took many publishes, and unpublishes to get on there.

The day I found that I had 39 likes and was on trending, I screamed. It opened my eyes, and motivated me. I started comparing trending with featured and found that the projects on the top of trending, would make featured. Volcanic Ninja had pushed its way up onto the second spot on trending. It had 92 likes... Then, a moment later it somehow appeared on featured. I refreshed the app, refreshed featured, because I thought something wasn't right. But no, I was actually featured :slight_smile:
I was beyond ecstatic. Then, a lame comment came upon my mind: "Woah! Now my next goal is to get onto Game Changers!" But I thought to myself, "wait 10-12 months, hehehe dreamin'

5 weeks later, I found that lava bounce was featured... I was very happy when it was featured.

Then, lava tiles got onto featured... Woah! And even Lava Route. Space Ninja too!

Flappy Golf was a different story. I was becoming better and better, and I believed that this game had more than just featured. And it did, many nominations for the best of 2016.

Somehow a drawing of mine got featured... Then, 3Dness... Radioactive appeared there. And even Doodle jump Christmas!

Jedi Adventures... I was pretty passionate. I kept thinking to myself... No lag, it'll be a game change. But no, I can't have thoughts like that. It's up to THT to decide what a game change is. Jedi adventures was put onto the best of 2016... Yay!

I sort of lost interest around here. I wasn't coding any proper projects, but was planning on making a colour switch, but lost interest. During this time, Backgrounds of epicness and Dino animation were featured.

When I gained inspiration on hopscotch, I started a game as you know of, Dino Run. During this time ultimate slither.io draw and Space wonders were featured.

Dino run, I felt somewhat proud. I didn't boast or make any big deal about this game, I just coded it, in peace. During the time I coded this I was reminiscing, back in the volcanic ninja times. And all of the goals I set back then, I realised that only 1 was left.

There it went. That was a long.. Very long speech. Thanks for reading it. I hope I have made a positive impact on the app and have inspired many Hopscotchers.

Quick info:
My favourite project I coded: Dino Run
My favourite projects ever: Don't get 30, Minecraft sneak up, lemonade stand, 2048 hopscotch and GeometryScotch.
Hopscotchers who impacted my career: PurpleHawk, @creationsofanoob, @valgo, @MagmaPOP and... @TheRealBlah

Thank you @ThinBuffalo for helping me code many of my games :slight_smile:



I think you have learned a lot - you make so much amazing things in HS that I thought that you have been here for a longer time.
Happy 1 year on Hopscotch - anniversary!


good for you!:blush:


Jedi adventures wasn't best of 2016, was it? It wasn't in the three lists I saw...


Congratulations! You deserve it! And happy 1-year-on-Hopscotch Anniversary!


Congratulations! I've had a great time helping... or at least trying to help to teach you new concepts, to bug fix or test your games and Jedi Adventures was so much fun to work with you on.

You've always been an inspiration to me and I'm honoured to be able to call myself one of your friends. Here's to another great year for @BlastFusion!


Congratulations and happy anniversary @BlastFusion!


Err. I was told it was. The list said "The rest of the bestof2016 games are on featured"


Congrats!! :tada:


Wait... THEY RETIRED???!!!


I don't know what happened to @Montoya, but AwesomeOnion said that herself, Liza and Rodrigo are the only remaining workers.


So their the only people working for hopscotch now? That's such a tiny team...


They have three others, or at least I'm pretty sure. It said that on their website. It might be wrong though.so that's good


I'm very happy that you've been here at Hopscotch for a year. We love our community and we like to see them growing.


Yes, they said that. But your game was featured just before they put the bestof16 games on featured. That does not mean it was neccessarily on bestof16 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Just a question, who told you?


Well... I didn't know. :(
People were telling me that I did make it others said no. The people who said yes referred to my project surpassing the bestof2016 announcement project in the featured order, and they also said in the website (showing some of the winners of 2016) displayed for viewers stated that the rest are on featured.

Everyone can have there own opinion on whether it did or not make bestof2016; I don't exactly care to be honest because I have better projects coming on hopscotch in the next month. (Lag kills them though​:rage::rage::rage:)

I think I should just remove all my record of the best of 2016. There's too much fuss over this :/


A few more I can't remember.

Why are you interested, COAN? It was 4 months ago.


I just wondered. I'm really sorry if I seemed negative.


I hope u make cooler things in the future


Nah, it's ok :slight_smile: I see where you are going with it. And you're right. Don't worry​:sweat_smile:

@Kayro, I have this really amazing and detailed pixel game coming soon! (Well, maybe 1 month and some may not call that soon.)