#1 tip for newbie hopscotchers



What is your #1 tip for newbie hopscotchers? Hopefully this will encourage new hopscotchers to try their best.
I’ll start- my tip is:
Don’t be afraid to experiment with code! Your hopscotch editor is like a notepad. You can scratch out and experiment as you wish.
Keep adding tips for new hopscotchers! I can’t wait to see what we come up with.


My number one tip is to always learn from others HSers; don’t be scared to check someone else’s code- it can even help you to learn something new!


My advice is… Try to come up with ideas that are different. If you can’t come up with anything try adding music, characters, backgrounds, hidden objects, a logo, or emojis. If you still don’t have anything, creators are always fun. Bunny creator, Monster Creator, Pancake Creator.


Don’t be annoying


don’t focus only on the number of clicks, likes, and remixes you get — it takes away the fun of hopscotch.


Realize that most of the people have been around longer than you, and thinking that you know everything won’t help gain their respect.




Learn from checking out the code in other people’s projects and seeing which each block does. Don’t expect to get Featured, follows, plays, or likes right away. Also have fun with it!! Show your family and your friends your projects!


sometimes i get ideas from events or holidays that might help


Nice topic!
Mine probably is to take critiques and suggestions as a way to get better and improve as a coder, rather than taking it personally! All of the people giving you suggestions just want to see you improve and get even better than ever… and most of them don’t want you to take it to heart.


I have a tip for coder hopscotchers. TRY. TO. GET. ON. FEATURED. To get on featured, you have to have a really good project. Tht chooses you.


Eh, true. But that shouldn’t be the only goal… there are things like branching out, being active, and being nice that are also important!


For a beginner,the biggest goal is to get in featured.


Well I if your looking to get popular definitely go for featured but if your just doing it for fun don’t really aim for anything just learn from others if u need help


I know. But I was saying, getting on featured you have to have a good project. A really good one. Then, everybody will see the great project and think you are a really good coder. Once everybody likes your project, that will encourage you to code more! :grin::grin::grin:


Although getting featured is a great achievement and goal, it definitely should not be the ONLY thing you strive for on Hopscotch as a beginner. It is good to have multiple goals. And also, as you keep coding (especially if you are a first time coder on Hopscotch) you will improve. If you are a first timer, expecting a featured right away would be too ambitious. :blush:

Also oops sorry for the revive I just realized that…