1 on 1 talks about code

What if we had something where we can have a talk about something without anyone else (But leaders can look at each so no private info is given). There are a few chosen people to do this that are regular and can be trusted. The max limit is 10 mins. It is kind of like talking with tech help and it has to be about code. It would be helpful if you don’t want someone to jump in your conversation like GDT’s. There would also be a list like saying how much longer till you go. The chosen people will select an amount of time the can be on. @omtl sorry if you don’t want to be tagged

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I think this is a bad idea because all the discussions about code can help anybody.
I learned a lot of stuff from people discussing code in conversations I was not a part of.

Edit: Why did you close this? It would have been an interesting discussion.

@Leaders close

closed upon owner request.

@A_Twissted_Studio @ me in the gdt if you would like opened; otherwise normal procedure is to clive