-1 is here... +2 has come... The Battle of Hopscotch has Arrived!



I can’t figure it out now, so I’ll try later…

It is making me rage, so maybe I just need some time to think.


Got to admit though. The cutscene was pretty cool.


@BumpSplatGaming.Co Can u check the wiki please…


@TheDeliciousOrange -1 or +2.
@ThatEnglishMuffin -1 or +2


@TheDeliciousOrange is +2
@ThatEnglishMuffin is -1


To make a level system create 2 variables. Call Var 1 “levels beaten”. Call var 2 “level”. Make sure they’re iPad variables.

If variable “level” is less than variable “levels beaten” the level is locked. If “level” is greater than “levels beaten” set “levels beaten to the level you just beat. E.g you beat level 5 set “levels beaten” to 5.

I’ll put pictures.


R u sure? Can I see if TDO will help then?


I is -1 u know.


Don’t tell them! Please?


Who are you talking to?


This. I still think we can trust him, though. If he tells, @ThatEnglishMuffin and I will be mad at him.


Delete that. I will put it on the wiki.




Check the wiki…


You can also use clone index, but I recommend variables.



The second image isn’t working.


At the end of each level do this to update the level lock.


I still can’t rap my head around it


Hmm Idk another way to explain it. It’s a complicated concept…


Did you tag a lead to the wiki? I think you’re supposed to (so they can moderate it maybe and make sure nobody’s sharing any communication outside forum links, I think)