-1 is here... +2 has come... The Battle of Hopscotch has Arrived!



I already have my project in


Ai thought it was supposed to be a collab, but it doesn’t matter.


@Ana did you get my email?


Um… I have a bug in the code and I don’t know how to fix it…


Publish the project as a wip, and I might be able to look at it.


What if the -1 sees it @Stylishpoopemoji33


Publish it, copy the link, unpublished it, paste the link here, once i have the link, delete the post.


Whenever it goes to the next level only one (bear) pops up instead of multiple


I never got it. Sorry. Let me tag u on a wiki so u can give it to me…


I have it.


Can you help?


Done. I have it.


I will try… I will publish link here, then you do the same thing I did.


4 days to round 1 deadline everyone!


I will look at it later. I’m in class now.


Is it ok if I give the link to BumpSplat to look at?


Ok. Whenever it is the next level I need multiple enemies to pop instead of just one. Here is what I did and somehow it didn’t work:
Check once if : loop3 /=/ 1
Set loop3 to 1
Check once if : Clone Index <= Level
Set invisibility % to 0


I looked already… sorry.


How many do you want on level one, and how much do you want it to increase by?


I want for example basically the amount of enemies is the level number for example
1 enemie on level 1
2 enemies on level 2
3 enemies on level 3