-1 is here... +2 has come... The Battle of Hopscotch has Arrived!



@BumpSplatGaming.Co when’s the deadline? And do we each make our own individual projects, or a huge collab?


You choose 3 of your members to represent for your team. Each of the 3 will make a project with their team. Once done it is submitted here. The highest average score of the three games win the round.

All other details in top post.


Read in context please?


Hey @GweTV who is the leader of +2?


Me and @swca


I finally came up with the idea for what I wanted to do last night yeehaw


Okay. Do I have permission to make a +2 chat topic, or is there already one?


Btw Hopscotcher is a traitor. Can I be promoted to leader of +2 please?


You guys really need to stay code related.
Last warning, otherwise I will close this



Since you asked nicely, yes


I wouldn’t because it will be closed


Okay. Which 3 people are making the projects?


Aw come on not this again!


Yes this again


I am currently making an apocalypse themed game for +2 rn tho idk about the others


Who did y’all nominate?


I kinda nominated myself hehe but I already started and in my opinion I think it’s going good so far @BumpSplatGaming.Co


I don’t know… I’ll nominate @GweTV


And maybe @swca


Can you nominate me officially? @Master_Alchemist