-1 is here... +2 has come... The Battle of Hopscotch has Arrived!



:memo: Grammar Error, *switched


Oh, good grief! Who cares about grammar?


@ThinBuffalo would probably understand that.


If you guys don’t stay on topic or coding related, this is really gonna have to close.
4th warning
You’ll get the 5th and then it gets closed.


:clap: :clap:


Okay Fearless.


Me, but only in a sarcastic argument or in English


@BumpSplatGaming.Co Can we see the rubric again? Or do you kill this topic?


You will be judged on:
Creativity, Graphics, Game Mechanics, Performance, and Playability.


We are one week away the deadline!

@FearlessPhoenix, @Petrichor, @JonnyGamer, @SarcasticTvHead, @Grizzlyzoe, @A_Metalhead, @CoderOfMagic @BabyButterfly @ThatEnglishMuffin @GameCodingCrazy123 @Hi_people @anon95978765 @CreationsOfaNoob @smurfy0000000 (a bit) , @Serenity, @supergirl3acer @sophia71205

+2: The Rebellion
@GweTV @swca, @TheDeliciousOrange, @FobieFuwa, @Someone45356, @Hopscotcher, @MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE, @Legendary_myth, @Mr.rex, @t7lks, @isurehopeso, @Cocoa_Viola @UTheDevHS @Autobot_Beejay @Shiro @Over_powered_wizard1 @Valgo @KyGuy64@discobot @Master_Alchemist
÷4: the little known
@JACG2018MASTER, @Rodrik834

Judges: The Peacekeepers


Remember there are 3 projects per round! Keep coding and good luck!


Tbh this isn’t really about coding


Btw +2 and /4 have merged


It’s fun though so yeah.


We were supposed to start a collab account?
And collab?
…we didn’t do that


But idk how many people are going to take it seriously


No it’s not nessary. You can pass through remix’s or make a topic for your team so you can post your projects to share.


R u kidding me lol, I never agreed to any of this -1 or +2 very confused as to why I’m always being tagged with it :joy:


R u sure about that?


Sorry I will remove you from the list.