-1 is here... +2 has come... The Battle of Hopscotch has Arrived!



Ok link be nice but one sec


Is this because of loss of code in project?


No, its a glitch i found


wait, I think I might know bc I see the thumbnail


How then


I know: it is a link to a draft, which you edited afterwards @JACG2018MASTER

Nope, see below post


Oohh that is very clever, done with clouded drafts, right?


No, not true either


Does it have to do with clouding and publishing drafts?


Got it


The +2 natl anthem:
Please rise :clap: :clap:


I like it! Personally though I would keep working on it because the deadline April 14, which is like 2 and a half weeks from now. If it is submitted like that it may be marked down on creativity. Great game though.


No you can just pass it around with remixes. Just state what team your on in the project.


Hey @BumpSplatGaming.Co- put me down for +2. (Sorry @FearlessPhoenix)




+2 national anthem
:clap: :clap:
Please rise


How about this for the anthem:

I pledge allegiance to +2
Lets all shout woo-hoo!
We’ll beat -1
And get this war won
And make cake & cookies, too!



I like it! lol


:x: Error you switched to -1 already


:x: Error. Switch back to +2