-1 is here... +2 has come... The Battle of Hopscotch has Arrived!



It’s the ultimate battle! Join the battle between -1 and +2. We all know the best way to settle something… A Code Battle!

-1: HopApocolypse
@FearlessPhoenix, @Petrichor, @JonnyGamer, @SarcasticTvHead, @Grizzlyzoe, @A_Metalhead, @CoderOfMagic @BabyButterfly @ThatEnglishMuffin @GameCodingCrazy123 @Hi_people @anon95978765 @CreationsOfaNoob @smurfy0000000 (a bit) , @Serenity, @supergirl3acer @sophia71205

+2: The Rebellion
@GweTV @swca, @TheDeliciousOrange, @FobieFuwa, @Writer_Lillian, @Someone45356, @Hopscotcher, @MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE, @Legendary_myth, @Mr.rex, @t7lks, @isurehopeso, @Cocoa_Viola @UTheDevHS @Autobot_Beejay @Shiro @Over_powered_wizard1 @Valgo @KyGuy64 @discobot @Master_Alchemist @Dylan329
÷4: the little known
@JACG2018MASTER, @Rodrik834

Judges: The Peacekeepers

(Note judges can not be on either team, we have to be neutral)

Join by putting your tag under a team!
You have until April 1st to assemble teams, then the competition will start. The theme will be released on Monday the 18th.

You will be judged on:
Creativity, Graphics, Game Mechanics, Performance, and Playability.

Round 1:
Theme: Apocalypse!
Deadline: April 14th

Round 2:
Theme: ?
Deadline: ?

Round 3:
Theme: ?
Deadline: ?

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No April 2nd it would be Petrichor’s Bday :DDD

I’m also joining the -1 side


Ok, challenge accepted in the form of a coding battle

I guess E-Pad will advertise -1. Problem solved.


Lol nice.

I made it a wiki,

Make sure this stays 100% code related though, otherwise I’ll have to close it


It’s not gonna be closed, it’s a coding battle


I made it the start awhile from now so everyone can catch up on current competitions.


Lol true, edited post 3


Ok. Cool. E-Pad suitable for this? :slight_smile:


E-pad? What do you mean?


Oh I haven’t finished yet, remaking an old project


I’ll advertise +2
Can someone add these people to +2?
@swca @Stylishpoopemoji33 @BumpSplatGaming.Co @TheDeliciousOrange @FobieFuwa @Writer_Lillian @Someone45356 @Hopscotcher @ChickenProductions7 @MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE @GweTV @Legendary_myth @Mr.rex @t7lks


I don’t think it will. I have put the theme out yet but your project won’t fit it… sorry…






Hmmm… seems against me jk

But I can include a game that does fit the theme and it would count


PewDiePie supports +2


:x: Error contradictory by me


Oh sorry I can’t be on +2… I’m a judge so I’m not on either. Sorry…



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