-1 Hopscotch 5.0.0 LEAKED (Real!-1!-1!-1-1) -1

-1 A changelog for Hopscotch 5.0.0 has just been leaked (Real). You can find more information here, although this post has probably been hidden by the time you’re reading this. Apparently, this update is scheduled to release today. The changelog reads as follows.

Any server-wide changes shall be applied upon public release.
Hopscotch 5.0.0-wip.183 (Developer Build)

- Added multiplayer
- Blocks are now triangular
- Fixed https://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/65512 by removing user accounts
-- You can once again set an author upon publishing a project
-- Removed subscription
- All new projects are now 1:1
- Changed maximum FPS to 15, from 60
- Added a Rules section
- Fixed https://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/55546 (permanently) by removing the code drawer
-- Each new scene will start with one object, which will each contain one copy of every rule, along with a new rule that deletes itself once the project is published
-- The new rule will contain one copy of every block automatically
--- Because that's all you need
- Removed the ability to copy objects, rules, or blocks
- Removed Custom Rules and Custom Actions
- Removed variables
- Fixed https://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/62002 by removing all categories except for Newest and making it curation-only
The following features are unavailable in this build, but will be available in future builds:
- Project JSON format has been rewritten
-- Deleted all projects published prior to the update as they are no longer compatible
--- Project ID -1 is exempt
--- (Forum) Seized all pre-existing badges related to projects, such as Megastar Creator, Star Creator, and so on
---- (Forum) These badges may or may not be given out again in the future
- Added Themes
-- Removed Light Mode
-- New themes:
--- Hot Pink
--- Light Brown
- General UI changes (these do not apply to projects)
-- Changed in-app font to Times New Roman
- Added "Font" key to Set Text blocks
-- New fonts:
--- Times New Roman
--- Comic Sans MS
--- Impact

Release Date: 4/1/2023

In fact, I have a copy of this build. I have even published a project on it. If you look at the project, you will see that there is no user data! Open the link and click .a, and you will see!

(NOTE: This project might have been overwritten somehow by the time you are reading this, as the removal of user data hasn’t taken effect server-wide yet, as this update has not been released yet.)
Additionally, the new “Rules” are as follows:

1. Follow the rules.
2. Projects must be family-friendly.
3. Projects shall not breach any of your local laws in any way.
4. Projects shall not contain puzzles, in accordance with Article 8B of the Hopscotch Terms of Service.

Failure to comply with the system may result in banishment.

May -1, the creator of all, bless you, along with 1, the creator of the one who created it.


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