1 Dimensional Game? @oio


@oio You know 2d games, 2d platformers top down shooters, pretty much everything on Hopscotch. If a game was made to be 1 dimensional, what sort of game do you think could be made?
Some minor fake 3d effects have been made, so it must be possible to make some fake 1d effects.

I can only quickly think of a rectangle that fills the screen and changes invisibility continually from 0 to 100.
A random number is chosen at the start.
The player taps the rectangle when they think the invisibility is equal to the random number chosen.

This way no sprite is above,below or bumping another sprite or moving in 2d.

I have an abstract inspiration when i make a project now.
It's "Think the Unthinkable"


One dimention is a line it would have to be a line doing something i guess


A 1D game can actually be quite interesting - maybe more than we might think.

I guess the answer to our question would depend upon what we really mean by "1D". A truly one dimensional game for us has to make a choice from among three spatial and one temporal dimensions. The game that you describe uses time as the single dimension, if I understood right. A game involving only a single spatial dimension would have to be static. It couldn't progress in time. Therefore, you might not consider it even to be playable. After all, what is there to "do" and what could ever "happen", if nothing is allowed to change in time? An alternative interpretation is one that allows time, plus one spatial dimension. I think that has more promise as a "game".

While it certainly is true that there is only one spatial degree of freedom in a t+1D game, (movement is contrained to be along a "line") there is no requirement that the space in which that line exists must be "flat". In other words, the "line" can exist inside of a space of as many dimensions as you like to think of and can be all curvy and loopy. in fact, you could even have "teleportation," in which a character can instantaneously jump through discontinuities along the line, as long as doing so offers no freedom in some other direction.

In the simplest case, the path is just a straight line viewed on the 2D screen; but it doesn't have to be that. The only real rule is that the gameplay, or the movement of your "hero" character, must be constrained to the path. Another way of saying that is to say that your game must be "on rails", kind of like a roller coaster. A roller coaster can be thought of as a one dimensional experience played out in a fully 4D "reality."

Finally, if you want to go totally abstract, you can make a t+1D game in which the degree if freedom is just a parameter like invisibility (as you mention) or size or color or speed or some other parameter.

Hopefully, I have not caused anyone's brain to fall out. If so, I apologize and hope you have designated a friend or family member to accept my apology for my actions in your... absence. :scream:



You would make a great college professor. How much time did you spend writing (and lefting) that? XD


I do have university teaching experience. And, actually, I don't write very many of my responses. Sometimes, like now, I just dictate whatever comes to mind. That usually requires some cleanup of mistakes made by the speech recognition function on the iPad; but, otherwise, it's pretty quick. Maybe even quicker than reading it.


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Nope. Not a "kid," if by that we mean a pre-teen or teen-aged youngster. I'm just a person who really enjoys coding and the privilege of sharing and having a helpful discussion with intelligent kids - or intelligent anybodys! :slight_smile:


Well, yeah. I meant pre-teen and that kind of stuff. (0-18 years old)
You are a great coder! Just curious, do you know any other coding languages?


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I could say that I "know" several coding languages, I guess. It is, at least partially, a familiarity with what can be done in these other languages that pushes me to try to achieve the same results in Hopscotch.


Is there a secret message that you wish to express in this letter? :0


I swore I just saw you post somthing @Follow4LikesOfficial Anyways I do agree with what @oio said ( Typed ) a 3 dimensional game could be very interesting although the thing I agree with is the last huge pharagraph at @oio 's post it could be very interesting! Ok another thing about @oio I totally love the Yantris that went on Featured! But if you a focusing on the game the. 1 dimensional was a great idea! What if you could set it to a 180 angle and side it to the edge of the screen? You could also try that with a 360 degree point from the point of a 90 degree angle! Are you going to do the text in lines because I was under the impression that 1 dimensional things were like that. If you had bold and rounded text in the picture the degree would work under very clear and high circumstances!


Concerning the part of what you said above, it would make me happy if you are one of the few people who actually go into the code and change the symbols that are used to make the dynamic pattern. I really tried to make that one easy to remix, but, still, very few people have even worked to come up with their own patterns before remixing. If you still enjoy that project and are so inclined, I would encourage you to give it a go. You might come-up with some designs that are WAY better than mine! :slight_smile:

As for your other comments, if I understood them, it sounds to me like you have some good ideas that you can develop into your own interpretation of a one dimensional game. I would be interested in seeing it. I know that @Stradyvarious is also very supportive of others who (at least try to) do things, based upon her very interesting projects and forum topics.