"-1" account has an unnatural amount of views. Could this be a hack...?

I was looking at the newest tab and saw that Petrichor had released a remix of a project from someone named -1. It said “it’s here”. I checked -1’s profile. Seems normal. Until I scroll to the bottom and HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS-

This is not normal. You can not have that many views on a project. Not even viewbot could get you to those heights. I’m telling you now, this is an exploit of some kind. I could be wrong, but this isn’t natural. You CANNOT have that many views normally.

If this is a backdoor, the project is old so it could have been patched a while ago (meaning everything’s fine now), but who knows what this “-1” person could’ve done.

As proof, here’s a link:
I told you this before, and I will say it again. This isn’t natural. I’ve never seen something like this.

Also, theres a project which says “The game is officially out -JonnyGamer”. This could have been JonnyGamer, however of course they could’ve just been someone else who wrote JonnyGamer. Or, maybe someone else did it (as in, maybe -1 didn’t do it and someone else did). Additionally, JonnyGamer’s PFP on the forums contains “-1”. However, of course, someone could’ve easily pinned it on JonnyGamer.

Also, most of the projects on the -1 account had ~71 likes.
You can’t just search -1 to see his profile, you need to click that link and then click on his username. That will take you to his profile, if it’s still up by the time you’re seeing this.

This is probably unrelated, but a guest just followed me and they had the same PFP. probably a coincidence though.

Also, the first project they uploaded was “Test Project”. Then, they uploaded the project with the absurd amount of views.
Please respond. This really freaks me out and I don’t know why.

If you know anything else or you have a theory, definitely feel free to reply.


Hey there,

We are aware of this and have contacted the Hopscotcher who made this project about it. It is a glitch.

I’m going to close down this topic now - if you have anymore questions feel free to tag me or the leaders in the Leaders Q&A topic!