___ is good at ___ Game!


"The presence of someone's beauty isn't the absence of your own"

Just because someone else is good at something, doesn't mean your not good at anything.

I've been seeing some people say that they aren't good enough or comparing themselves to others on the forum.

Everyone has something good about them!

So, this is a chain game!

You say what the person above you is good at, then say what you're good at! (Try to keep it mostly HS related) Make a chain of positivity!

Please don't make a pity post and say "I'm not good at anything" because you are good, and we don't want negativity.

(Ps: I know it might feel weird saying great things about yourselves, but there isn't anything wrong with loving yourself)

I'll start!

I'm good at pixel art!

Games to bring the forum together

Could I add this to my topic of games to help end flame wars?

If not then that's ok.


First like! (@Ella_13 you beat me!!)

Cool idea, although I think there is a similar topic to this: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/im-good-at-------/15096?u=mr.gam3r


Yes, thanks for liking this topic!


2nd reply


I got first reply



I'll give u credit


Yah, I know of that topic, but this is more of a chain game. I think it's different enough.


Ok, let's start the chain, please try to stay on topic, thanks!

I'm pretty good at pixel art!


You're good at making original and fun projects @bluedogmc-official!

I'm good at.. Hm... Simple trail art?


@Intellection74 is good at coding complicated pixel art, trail art, games, backgrounds, creative projects, and is super good at being nice and giving constructive criticism.
I'm good at coding backgrounds with clones(...?)


Kaykat is good at being funny and making great projects!

I'm good at making topics I guess? Idk! :joy:


@bluedogmc-official is good at being a kind and supportive person (and at making topics lol). she is awesome!!

i'm good at uh not much yet?? im really new. i am good at making random projects!!:joy:


I don't know you that well, but you seem really good at being kind!

I'm good at making projects frequently!


@bluedogmc-official is good at making awesome forum games!

I am good at procrastinating


@MR.GAM3R is funny and has a great sense of humor.
I'm good at using clones (...?)


@KayKat is friendly, nice and good at making friends
I'm good at arts


You are good at being a kind person! :3

I'm good at digital art on ProCreate :D


You are good at being awesome!

I am good at being happy!


You're good at being Trendy(girl) >:3

I'm good at being creative!



@Rainboom is good at coding and being a great fren :D

I'm good at....................... being........ nah......hmmmm..... oh I know..... DYING