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Official announcements by the Hopscotch Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

The category for the topics that cover all frequently asked questions. You can refer the newcomers to this section to support them.

Debug my Code

Ask questions about your Hopscotch code. If you have a question about a specific area of your code, there might be another category for it.

Videos & Learning Resources

In this category, we’ll discuss game tutorial videos, walkthroughs, and content on any and all things Hopscotch. You can also propose new ideas, give feedback, and submit your own projects to be featured in future videos.

Bugs with Hopscotch

Report problems with the Hopscotch iPad and iPhone apps. Make sure to include the version of Hopscotch you’re using, as well as your device type (iPad, iPhone) and iOS version.

Project Updates

Create or search for topics of Hopscotch projects. You can post updates for your projects and discuss your favorite features of a certain Hopscotch project here.

Competitions & Events

Whether you’re looking for fun ways to get more involved or to code something a bit different, you’ll find a variety of activities here. If a competition or event doesn’t exist yet, go ahead and create your own; the possibilities of what you can do here are endless, so be as creative as you want!

Open Source Code & How Tos

Share and find ready-to-use code, like backgrounds, controllers, character assets, drawing pads, you name it. Code made by Hopscotchers for Hopscotchers.

Hopscotch Language Evolution

This category is for you to propose and discuss features for the Hopscotch programming language.

Shops & Requests

Need sprites for your games? Wanna commission a cool project from one of your favorite Hopscotchers? Then this is the place for you! Buy coded items from a shop or create your own topic and offer your own products!

Hopscotch General

New suggestions or just want to share the love? Talk about the Hopscotch app. Share tips & tricks, and ideas for projects too. (Project updates should go in the #project-updates category)

Forum Feedback

Talk about the forum! Share your ideas on how the forum could be improved, suggest a new category, explain how the forum works.


Most of closed/archived topics live here.