Official announcements by the Hopscotch Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

The category for the topics that cover all frequently asked questions. You can refer the newcomers to this section to support them.

Debug my Code

Ask questions about your Hopscotch code. If you have a question about a specific area of your code, there might be another category for it (for example, if you don’t understand clones, ask about them Control).

Open Source Code & How Tos

Share and find ready-to-use code, like backgrounds, controllers, character assets, drawing pads, you name it. Code made by Hopscotchers for Hopscotchers. Here’s an example of (non-Hopscotch) out-of-the-box code made by @rodrigo’s friend:

Collabs, Requests & Competitions

Join a coding club or challenge your creativity in a competition. Or, start your own! Coding is better with peers.

Design, Colors, & Sound

Discuss colors, backgrounds, sounds, or anything related to the design of your projects.

Control blocks

Ask questions or post ideas related to the blue Control Blocks in Hopscotch. Control blocks help you to abstract your code—using them will help you do a lot with a little.


Ask questions about geometry, how to use Math blocks, and Sine & Cosine here. Math is awesome.

Bugs with Hopscotch

Report problems with the Hopscotch iPad and iPhone apps. Make sure to include the version of Hopscotch you’re using, as well as your device type (iPad, iPhone) and iOS version.

Meta - Hopscotch

New suggestions or just want to share the love? Talk about the Hopscotch app. Share tips & tricks, and ideas for projects too.

Meta - Forum

Talk about the forum! Share your ideas on how the forum could be improved, suggest a new category, explain how the forum works.

General Topics

All GTs will go here and they’ll be capped at one per user. You can make a new one only when your old topic reaches the post limit.

Deprecated (Help with Code)

Wanna learn a new skill? Or show off something you’ve mastered? You’re in the right place